Sunday, December 14, 2008

I don't know why I do this to myself, waiting so long in between posts, so that it takes me hours to catch up. This time of year is so crazy, and to add to my busy personal life, is my calling as the Stake YW President. It has been hectic too. When I was called to this position, I voiced my concerns about our lives being so busy I was worried that I wouldn't have the time necessary to give this new calling 100%. President Prince reassured me that this call is not very busy, just at certain times during the year would I be doing things that would take some time! Well, I can say he didn't know what he was saying!! I have been so busy with this calling, it is busier (if that's a word) than most ward callings I have had, and I never dreamed there would be so many meetings. (I'm not complaining just venting ) So I DO know why I take so much time to post on my blog .... I am too busy to be doing this!!

So I guess I will start back on the 21st of November, we went down to St. Joe's Hospital in Phx for Scott to be cardioverted again. We had to be at the hospital at 5:00am so we went down the night before and stayed in a hotel close to the hospital. They did the procedure about 8:00am which only took about 20 minutes, but he had to stay for several hours afterward to be monitored. This time it worked!! His heart converted back to it's normal rhythm. We know our prayers and the prayers of everyone else have been answered. He has to follow up with the Dr in a few weeks to make sure it is staying in normal rhythm, but for now we are so very happy. Scott is feeling much better, he will continue to be on the medications for about 6 months. If after that time everything is the same, he will slowly be taken off the meds. Yeah!! It feels so good to not have this to worry about (as much) any more. Thank you everyone for your prayers in Scott's behalf.

The next event in our lives, which is always a huge event in our family, was thanksgiving. We had it here in our home, and we love to have people in our home to party and have fun! There were a lot of us here, but that makes it all the more fun. Lenn and Leisha's family were all here, then Danna (my sister) and her youngest son Lance, and my parents all came. We had lots of good food and enjoyed each others company. I don't think we ever got to bed before 3:30 every morning, we paid the price the next day. It was so crazy we had wall to wall people, the little kids had to sleep out in the hall way, and Sawyer my niece even slept in my linen closet, I think she enjoyed it though!

This is in my upstairs hallway and only 1/2 of the kids!

All the guys spent the whole weekend playing Rock Band. They did let us Mom's in on the fun one night, and I do have to say we were good!! I could get addicted to that game if I had time. The little ones even played for several hours, I was so surprised at how well they did, I couldn't believe they could even do it, as I had a hard time figuring it all out. But kids these days blow me away at the many things they can do, they are so smart!! Staying up to play cards all night and singing Christmas songs from our childhood, and watching funny video's on "You tube"was so much fun, everyone even volunteered to help us get out our December billing which was so nice, I wish we had all of that help every month. We got it done in about 30 min which usually takes Scott and I about 4 to 5 hours when we do it alone. (Thanks again everyone). I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, enjoying the time we get to spend with our extended family is something that I look forward to every year. We love our family and feel so blessed to have their love and support and get along with each and every one of them. I don't think there is one person in either of our families that we don't truly love to be around and enjoy spending time with. I have the best in-laws (mom and dad, brothers and sisters) and parents brother and sisters in the world, and feel so blessed to be a part of these 2 families.

Scott on the drums, we could hardly get him to let anyone else have a turn!

Squeezing in my office to watch funny You Tube video's!
Notice the time on the clock (upper middle) yes it is almost 3:00am.!!
I always hate Thanksgiving weekend to end, have to face reality again and get back to life!! We really enjoyed having everyone here, we have kind of made it a tradition to have it here in our home, hope to see everyone again next year!
The Sunday after Thanksgiving Jentry and I went up to Snowflake to Brock's farewell. He is going to Chicago on his mission and will report on Dec 3rd. Jen and Brock have gotten to be good friends since becoming teenagers and getting to hang out at our Heap Reunion every year. Becky, Brock's mother is my cousin and she and I were attached at the hip throughout our childhood and teenage years. We have always been very close, we have grown apart over the years just because of our busy lives and living away from one another. It's so neat that even though we don't talk often, when we do get together and have time to visit with each other it's as if we have never lost touch. I truly love and admire Becky, she is a strong woman, and truly an example of endurance, faith and compassion! She will always be like a sister to me. Anyway, we went up the the farewell, then over to Becky's house afterward. I was able to see some friends and family that I haven't seen in over 10 years. It was so good to laugh and reminisce with everyone, it really made me miss them and a little nostalgic about my childhood! It's good to get together with people from your past once in a while, I wish it were more often! It was fun too, to spend the time with just Jen and I, I really miss her and riding in the car for several hours with just her and I was good. Brock will be a great missionary, Good Luck Brock!! And Becky!!
More posts coming soon!!