Sunday, August 31, 2008

Long 2 Weeks

I don't have too many pics of Scott, he hates me to take pics of him, He will love this one!

I like this one, Don't you love the beard, it's getting really gray!!

So I guess I need to start at the beginning. Scott and I have been doing this "Body For Life" diet and workout program since the beginning of May. Scott had been pretty discouraged up until this point trying to do everything to try and lose some weight. Well I watched Chris and Tandy do this program, saw the great results that they got and decided I wanted to do it myself. Scott caught the bug about a week after I did, and we decided to do this together. Anyway, we have been doing it faithfully since then. Going to the gym 6 days a week, and eating very healthy, and working hard. On monday the 18th of Aug. Scott and I were at the gym doing our workout, Scott didn't feel well that morning, but thought it was just the monday hate to go back to work blues. He was finishing his workout when he called me over to him and said he felt like he was going to pass out. He looked really bad, all flushed, and pale. I sat with him for a few minutes, he told me to go finish my workout and he would stay there and try to get his wits about him until I finished. Pretty soon I looked over at him and he was sitting up on a machine and leaning against a wall, so I continued doing what I was doing. I heard a loud crash and looked over,he had passed out and fallen in between 2 machines, a man (Brian) rushed over to help him as I was running over to him. He could never feel good enough to stand on his own, so the gym owners called the ambulance. When the EMT's got there Scott was so embarassed because most of them were guys he was friends with. Anyway they got him to the hospital. When he got into the emergency room, his blood pressure was really low. They did and EKG on his heart, the ER Dr came in and told us that he was in Atrial Fibriallation, which means the top part of his heart isn't really beating, he said it is just like a bag of worms, just moving around. He wasn't sure how long this had been going on, but that he was calling a Cardiologist in. About 2 hours later the Cardiologist came in and talked to us. He told us Scott wouldn't be going home. He wanted to run a bunch of tests to figure out the cause for his irregular heart rhythm. A man Scott's age should not be having this problem unless there is some blockage of arteries, diabetes, thyroid problems or some other health issues. Scott has never had any health problems, he has been very healthy, so this was very strange to both of us. He was admitted to the hospital and they started running blood test, did an ultrasound of his heart, and scheduled a stress test and a electrocardiogram. The next morning the Dr came in to Scott and told him that the Ultrasound showed that Scott's heart was enlarged, but his other blood work and tests had all come back normal with no reason for this. He was concerned so decided to cancel the other testings and do an angiogram instead, (where they put a tube up into his artery from the groin area, put dye into the arteries and check them all to see if there is any blockage) This made us a little nervous, because the Dr seemed more concerned than the day before. They did the procedure that day, and the Dr came out into the waiting room afterward and told me they found no blockage which was great. On the other hand, he was concerned because they have found no reason for Scott to have this problem. He wanted him to stay in the hospital one more day and moniter his heart rate and blood pressure. They would let him go home the next day on a blood thinner, a low blood pressure med, and a medication that will sometimes help to get your heart back into it's normal rhythm. We were to see him the following week, after 2 more blood tests to check his coumidin levels (blood thinner) They have to keep his blood really thin, when your heart is in A-Fib (short term for his problem) it causes the blood to clot, so when it does get in a regular beat every so often, it can push these clots into the brain, and cause immediate death or a stroke. (very scary for all of us) And Scott was to do nothing that would cause his increase his heart rate. No strenuouse activities until they figure this all out. Scott has been pretty discouraged and both of us really frustrated. We have been finally eating good and working out trying to change our habits and this happens. The first few days home, I was really worried about Scott. He was very depressed and just felt horrible. Well we saw the Dr this past week, he thought at first Scott's heart had switched back to it's normal rhythm, but after an EKG he hadn't changed at all. So the plan now is on the 10th, the Dr is going to Cardiovert him. This is where they stop his heart, then do those Shock things on his chest and schock it back into a normal rhythm. The Dr hopes this will help it to stay in normal rhythm, but no guarantees. If that doesn't work, we will be heading to PHX to the Arizona Heart Institute for more studies. We are just hopeing and praying this will work. Scott is so anxious to get back to normal life, and working out again. I feel so bad for him, and worry about him. We are all hanging in there. We are so very grateful to everyone who has called, text, and ask about him. It has made us feel very loved. It is unbelievalble the support we have felt from all of our friends and loved ones. Even members of the community and the customers that we have in our business, have poured out their love and concern for us. It has made us feel very loved. Thanks everyone!!

One of the things that has helped to keep our mind off of this, is getting ready for our missionary to come home. Yeah!!! Only 18 mores days and counting. I can hardly wait!! We will be having lots of family here on the weekend he returns, he is reporting in sacrament meeting that following sunday, so we are looking forward to that week.

I did have a good day yesterday, I was able to attend the temple for our stake temple day. It seemed so good to be there. Afterwards, Jentry hooked me up with some new pants. ( one of her jobs is working for "Buckle" in the Superstition Mall) Since I have been working out, my pants don't fit anymore, so she was able to help me find some cute ones. While I was there, some of her cousins and friends came in to get her to hang out with them after work. She was supposed to come home after work that night, but she decided it would be more fun to hang out with all of them for the weekend, instead of with her boring family in boring Cottonwood. I was glad she will be with them and having fun! She will be coming home next weekend for Chaz's baptism. We will have lots of company then too, which will be fun! The next few weeks will be filled with lots of friends and family, I love that!! This will help us to keep our mind on good things instead of the unknown! Wish us luck and please keep Scott in your prayers! Thanks!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I Can't Believe it's Almost Here!

Some Pics of Cole when we said "Goodbye" at the airport

This pic is Scott & I walking Cole to the security gates
where we had to let him go. He never looked back.

32 more days and counting!! Our favorite Missionary will be home! We just received all of Cole's information on his arrival home. This is so awesome, and yes I shed a few tears, realizing that he really will be home in only 4 short (or really long weeks). I never thought this day would come fast enough. We are all so very excited to see him and for me his Mom to hug him again! He has been serving honorably in the Manchester England Mission, and has loved every minute of it. He never really got too homesick, and was always so positive, he always had a great attitude throughout the whole 2 years. We are so dang proud of him, but so happy to have him come home. It seemed like a lifetime ago we were telling him goodbye at the airport, and feeling like my heart had just been ripped into tiny little pieces. I really didn't think at that time, that I would make it thru 2 years, but it is already here. I am so truly grateful for all of the many wonderful blessing that our family has received because of Cole's service to our Father in Heaven. It makes me nervous for him to come home.
Today in our Sacrament meeting Cole's really good friend, Nick Olson spoke to our ward, he has recently returned from his mission where he served in the London England South mission. He has a little English accent, it was kind of funny listening to him. It made us all the more excited to see if Cole will share the same accent. Cole was excited about the prospect of maybe getting an accent, his thinking was that the girls love a British accent! We will be spending the next several weeks getting ready for our Missionary, hoping it goes by really fast!
Anybody out there who might have some cute sisters, daughters,cousins, friends I am sure Cole would love to be hooked up after settling into "real" life again!! lol!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have a really quiet house these days. Yes all of my little ones are in school, and I can't believe that I have a few hours of time all to myself, (well sort of) If I didn't have our business phones to answer. Kashley started pre-school, Brynley is in kindergarten and Crue is in the 3rd grade, so that leaves me at home with no children, and it is almost too quiet. I never thought this day would come, and it is here, too crazy!! The kids started school on Thurs. Aug 7th. They were all so excited, especially Kashley. She wanted so badly to go to school with Bryn last year, so she could hardly wait for school to start. I was a little emotional on that 1st day. That is the day the Jen officially moved out of our home, and all the kids started school. After dropping off the kids, I told Scott, I didn't know if I could stand the ache in my heart. It was so sad, knowing that all of our kids were growing up, and too fast! It was a hard few days for this emotional mother.
The kids have all done well so far, Kashley is having a hard time at lunch, she is the most picky eater I have. I thought Brynley was bad, but Kash is way worse. All she eats is chicken nuggets (the kind shaped like dinosaurs) So sending her to school with a lunch I knew would be quite challenging. She said she would eat PB&J so that is what I sent the first day. Crue and Bryn saw her at lunch and they said she wouldn't eat her sandwich and so she had to put her head down on the table. That made me so sad, so I came up with a plan. I bought one of those sandwich cutters that cut the bread into dinosaur shapes, hoping this would give her the incentive to eat her dino sandwich, well it did for one day, and now it's back to not eating and so she has to put her head on the table. I don't know what I am going to do. I can't stand that she is going hungry and having to be the naughty child by putting her head down. Crue and Bryn are doing great and loving their classes and teachers.
I think it is going to be a good school year! (after we figure out what Kash will eat)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Saying Goodbye

I sit here today weeping at every little thing. I never thought this day would come, or I guess I never thought it would come so fast. Where, and when did our sweet little girl grow into a beautiful young woman. Jentry moved out of our home today, and I can't stand the thoughts of her being gone. You never prepare enough for the day when your children leave home for good. I imagined it would be hard, but not this hard. Sending out a missionary is a little tougher I think, with only the comfort of knowing that they are in the Lord's hands. Having a child leave the nest to go out into the big mean world isn't the same, I think it is hard because you know they are now left to make their own decisions. Hoping that your teachings and your example will be enough to carry them through, and keep them strong and faithful. I really don't worry about Jen making good decisions, she has always done well it that area. I just worry about the weird and scary people out in the world. I was thinking today, I could be a grandma in about 2 years, that is just too crazy!! I am too young to be a grandma. lol!
Jen was excited to leave and get on with this new phase in her life. She will truly be missed around here, it is going to be like losing my right arm and my very best friend. Her little brother and sisters are already feeling the loss, and are a little weepy like I am today. Especially Kashley. Jen and Kash had a very close little friendship, Jen is Kashley's idol, and her buddy. Kash will be very lost without Jen for awhile as will Bryn. We will miss Jen, but are so excited for her to be able to go down to Mesa and experience the dating scene, because here in Cottonwood, there was no one to even think about dating, which is really sad. I think it will be a whole new experience and a very exciting thing in her life now. I just wish I could be there to share in those fun times with her. We really missed out on that with her here in Cottonwood.
So I need to warn all of you Mothers, really enjoy your children now!! The time goes faster and faster the older they get. Some days ( the hard ones) you wonder if it will go fast enough, but from experience, Don't let them get away from you, have fun together, and tell them often how much you love them. I feel like now, that I didnt' tell Jen enough how beautiful, how proud of her we are, and especially how very much we love her. Jen if your reading this, or when you do, know how very special you are to this family. We will miss you so very much, but want you to have the best time of your life right now. You deserve the best! We love you Jenner Penner Poop A Nenner!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

'08 Heap Reunion

Jentry, Brandi (neice)Amber(neice)holding Hayden,Erika (neice) holding Holland.

Sitting around getting ready to play cards
Sterling(very cute, Jen is bummed the cutes guys are her cousins)Jentry

Jennifer, Lexi, Brock(another very cute cousin) and Tanner.

Jen, Tiffany(neice)Jennifer (cousin on the Taylor side friends with Lexi), and Lexi

Our last trip before school starts! My family has a family reunion (my Mom's side) every year at this time, and always at the same location. It is held at Green's Peak up near Sunrise ski resort. This reunion began when my Mom was about 8 years old, there has never been a year since, they have not had it. That's a long time! It is something I looked so forward to as a child and still do. Most people think of family reunions as boring and a place to visit all your weird extended family. Well this is not the case with mine. Our extended family are people that I love dearly, (most of them) I can't wait to see them and catch up every year. This is the only time I get to see most of them, so we enjoy just sitting around visiting. So on wednesday morning, we packed up our suburban and our truck, a trailer with 3 quads, lots of camping gear and headed to the White Mountains with no room in either vehicle to spare. We stopped in Show Low to pick up my In-laws camp trailer (we will not camp without a trailer, as it rains up there so much every year, and a tent just will not cut it anymore. I think I am getting too old to sleep in a tent).

Scott took Kash for a ride and she fell asleep, so sweet, she loves to ride!

Trenton hates pictures, I tried, but he was too fast!
It seems like everyone brings at least one quad, so there are lots of rides and taking trails up to the top of Green's Peak. This year we did not get any rain at all, and that is unheard of at the reunion. We usually get so much rain, but this year was beautiful weather, although it meant for lots of dirt and dust when riding the quads. Everyone would come back covered in dirt! Most people up there had no showers so just pour water from the water barrels and wash the best you can. Leaves for some grimmy people.

This is my nephew Barry after one of those dirty Quad rides. Hillarious!!
Notice the dirt and dust all over his face.
My kids had a blast with all of their cousins. Bryn and Kash had lots of little girls to play with. They built fairy houses in the trees, found a tree that bent way over so they climbed and bounced on it for hours. We thought it was going to rain a ton (just like usual) so each of us came prepared this year. We (the girls and younger boys) each bought a pair of rain boots. Also most of the little girls had rain jackets as well. So they would wear them around at night, even without the rain puddles to jump in. They all looked so cute! I am sure that's why we didn't get any rain because this year we planned for it.

Kash, Saylor, Bryn

Kash, Bryn, Saylor, Jayden

On Friday these little girls were playing together, Bryn was holding (or trying to hold Kash she said) when she dropped her on the ground. Kashley came running to me screaming and holding her back. I thought maybe she had just scraped her back or something, so I lifted her shirt to look at her back. I was shocked at what I saw! She had a stick shoved into the side of her back. I tried to pull it out, but I couldn't get it out. I didn't know what to do, I have 2 neices who are nurses, but they were gone with all the guys exploring some lava caves about 15 miles away. I knew my cousin who's family was camped next to ours was there, she is a surgical nurse. I picked up Kash and ran to find her. Becky looked at her back and tried to pull out the stick, she could feel that it was in pretty far, and thought that the best thing to do was take her to the emergency room so the Dr.'s could numb it up, pull it out and maybe stitch it up. I was grateful she was there. (thanks Becky) Of course Scott was gone with all the guys, so we had 2 of my cousins give her a priesthood blessing. My sister was going to take me in to Eagar (about 40 min away), but we got in touch with Scott, he said he would be right there. I waited for him, then we headed to the Hospital. What an experience! Kash fell asleep on the way there, which I know was because of the blessing. She slept until we got into the emergency room. She was so good, they did an ex ray to make sure the stick had not puntured the stomach wall, or the kidney. The xray's showed it was just a superficial wound, thank goodness, (again a blessing). The Dr. Just shot her full of numbing meds then with a clamp pulled it out. It was about an inch and a half long, but the end was shaped like a needle which is the reason it went so far in. The Dr shoved a syringe into the wound and irrigated it out really good. He decided not to stitch it up in case there might be slivers from the stick, then it could stay open and work itself out. He gave Kash a prescription for some antibiotics and sent us on our way. Kash was such a trooper. She never cried after the first initial fall, except for when they were giving her the shots to numb it. We were so proud of her. The nurses gave her a teddy bear which she lovingly named sparkle diamond twinkle! (don't know why) After stopping at Sonic for an ice cream cone for Kash, we headed back to camp. Kashley never complained about it after that. I know the Lord was watching over her, and He was the reason for her being so comforted through the whole ordeal!

Picture just after it happened

We had a really good trip, lots of sitting around, eating good food, and reaquainting with eachother again. I am always sad when the reunion is over, I miss my extended family, and wish I would do better at keeping in touch with all of them. I am so grateful to be a part of such an awesome family, I love them all! I am already looking forward to next year, Cole will be home to enjoy it with us again! So til next year! No we head into another year of school!! aaagh!!

Jen and Kash, best buddies!

Crue shot his first squirrel and insisted on keeping the tail My sisters Leisha, Me and Danna!

They spent hours climbing on these tree limbs. Tucker, Jayden, Saylor, and Brynley.

Kashley's Hair Cut

Monday, July 28, 08

About 2 weeks ago, we took Brynley to get her hair cut. She hates, I mean hates me to comb and fix her hair. It is literally a knock down, drag out fight to comb her hair. So we decided it was time to cut it. I threatened daily to shave her bald, I could never do that obviously, but we did cut it pretty short ( I didn't take pics of her cut, I wasn't blogging at the time and didn't think about it, now everything I do, I take pics of) Kashley went with Bryn to get her hair cut, and cried for hours afterward because she didn't get to get her hair cut like Brynley's. So I decided she really did need a cut too. Her hair is naturally pretty curly, and was getting very dry on the ends. So today was the day, she was so excited and did so good. It turned out so cute!! We cut about 8 inches off. It kind of made me sad to see all of that hair gone, but she does look so cute! We are going to try and grow her bangs out, but I don't know if I can stand it. She looks so much older, I guess just in time to start being a big girl and going to pre-school. Sad that she will be leaving me during the day. I will have some free time to myself for a few hours each day. This has been a long time coming, I never thought I would see this day. It really makes me kind of sad. But I am sure once the initial shock is over, I will LOVE my time to get lots done!