Saturday, September 27, 2008

Best 2 Years and Worst 2 Years!

Get ready for a long read....Yes it is the Best 2 years for our Missionary, but the worst 2 years for this mother! Not really but it is one of the hardest things I have done in my life. Our missionary is finally home!! I can't believe it has already come and gone, it seems like just a few days ago I was counting down with 5 more weeks to go. Time Flies like crazy when you look backward! Cole arrived home on Thurs the 18th. He had so many people at the airport to welcome him home, it was so very exciting. If you read Jentry's blog, she explains in her terms how excited I was, I'm sure I wasn't as bad as she makes me sound, but yes I could hardly contain my excitement and my emotions. As soon as I saw Cole walk down the corridour to us, I ran to him and squeezed him forever, and sobbed like a baby. I couldn't believe this day was here. When I sent him out I didn't think I would be able to stand it for 2 years, but yes I made it! There were so many people there at the airport it took him about an hour to just give everyone a hug and visit for a few minutes, we almost forgot to pick up his luggage. We all really enjoyed his British accent, it seems so weird to hear it coming from Cole. He says "mate" a whole bunch, he calls me Mummy, says toilet for bathroom, and his sentences have an inflection at the end that kind of goes up, hard to explain. But he is so polite, sweet and such good manners, It's hard to believe he is the son that we sent away. These are some of the people that were kind enough to welcome him home at the airport

After we were done at the airport we all went to the Texas Road House in Mesa to eat. There were about 45 of us, we enjoyed visiting and hanging out. The between Jentry, Rustin (Jill's husband) Natalie (little Nat) and my dad, a peanut and roll fight ensued, the only other people in the banquet room with us looked scared and I am sure finished their meal in a hurry. Cole was really exhausted after that which was about 11:00pm. Luckily we had reserved a hotel so our family went back to the hotel, Cole pulled out his pictures, journals, and his T -book(testimony book from all the Elders and Sisters who he served with, they wrote him a little something, put in pictures and then wrote their testimonies in this book) this was way fun, to just be together again as a family. I am getting teary eyed now just thinking about how special that night was.
Jen was so funny with Cole, She missed him terribly almost as much as I did. They were best friends before he left, and they picked up right where they left off. It was so funny, because in the car she was sitting behind him, she would reach up and just touch his face, then rub his arm or something. I asked her why she kept doing that, "I just can't believe he is really here, I have to keep touching him to make sure I am not dreaming!" How very sweet is that!! I hope they always stay close.
Isn't this so priceless, I think this hug is the only one he got teary on!

Jen talked Cole into playing house with her, notice the cute outfits and makeup on Jen

They even talked their cousin Buck to play with them, how cute is this!!\

Cole was so tired and emotionally drained, so we went to bed about 2:00am. The next day we just took him shopping for some much needed "in style" clothes and shoes. Then headed back home to good ole Cottonwood. When we drove into town it was raining, Cole was hoping to leave rain behind and enjoy the sunshine for at least a little while, how ironic was that. He left before our new home was finished, we just had the brick up for the retaining walls, so we were all excited for him to see it. Before he went in the house though he had to go play with the dogs, he missed them too, and was so glad to see them.

I failed to mention that on the way home Scott I guess was so excited to get our Elder home that he was flying, Mr. Policemen sitting on the side of the freeway didn't like that too much and decided to give him a ticket. The Officer actually gave him a break, he could have given him a criminal ticket, but was feeling nice that day, (thank goodness) and just gave him a civil ticket which still was a pretty hefty fine!
I tell you, I can tell our missionary is home. Things this week have been going down hill for us in many ways and it doesn't seem to be getting better. I know our family has been so very blessed having a missionary in the field, and we have seen the Lord's blessings in abundance, I have worried about what will happen to our lives once that missionary is home, and I can see my worries starting to unfold. We just have to keep the faith, and be positive (that's what our missionary keeps telling us) and we will be taken care of.

Some of the little cousins enjoying the quads out back
Anyway, the rest of the weekend was filled with lots of laughter, tears and stories from Cole. Many of Cole's cousins were here for the weekend so they spent long hours into the early morning playing Rock Band 2, Cole is hooked now, we could hardly pull him away from it. Nick Olson his really good friend who just returned from the London England South Mission in July came over and spent lots time visiting with Cole. It was hillarious when they were together, their British Accents were so strong, they sounded so strange! We had over 100 people here in our home on Sunday after Sacrament meeting, Cole was really missing Spanish food, so I had Alejandra a spanish friend of ours make some spanish food for us to feed all of our guests. It tasted so good!! We also had a chocolate fountain with lots of stuff to stick in it for our dessert, it too was really good.
Cole did a great job speaking in Sacrament meeting. I was blown away at how well he speaks, he was able to really keep attention of the listeners, and showed so much maturity and knowledge of the Gospel. It was so awesome for us as parents to see this growth in our son. You know the saying, "we send them out for 2 years as boys and the return as men" that is so true! He has truly "Returned With Honor" and we couldn't be more proud of him. I have to say too, that Jentry sang right before Cole spoke, she sang the song "The Masters Touch" by Jenny Phillips, this had us all in tears, she too did an awesome job, we were so proud of her, she set the tone for the rest of the meeting, you could really feel the spirit.
I know I have rattled on about this weekend, so I will quit. We had a blast getting to know our Son again. I can honestly say sending him away was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I think about Crue leaving not for 10 years yet, but I get anxiety thinking about watching him walk away from us for 2 years. It was so very heart wrenching, but I can honestly say, that it was so very worth it, seeing the young man that has returned to us as a strong, confident, faithful and righteous son of our Father in Heaven has made all the heart ache in the world worth every minute. So all of you mothers who are preparing for this day, I don't think you can ever prepare for the hurt, but just remember it will be one of the greatest days in your life to have them return again to you "With Honor". Good Job Cole, and we love you!!

Football Season is Here!

Some of Crue's Football Buddies Chaz, Crue, Chance, Carter & Josh
Crue's Best Buddy!
Crue has started his little leage football season. He is on the Marauders team again this year, this being his second year he is feeling a little more into the game. Last year he only played a little bit each game, not knowing what he was doing is probably why. This year he is the biggest boy on the team, they only had 4 returners from last year, so they are a really young and small team. Crue is getting to play both offense and defense this year, so he is playing the whole game which wears him out. He seems to like it much better this year than last. His team isn't doing that great because of the inexperience, but that's okay. I am just really glad he is wanting to play. I think it is great for these little guys to learn the game as early as possible.
I was really worried the first game, he just showed no enthusiasm or energy at all....story to follow. His first game was in Prescott and we had to be over there by 7:00am, we were running a little late that morning so we knew we would have to go over the mountain through Jerome to Prescott (for those of you who may never have been through Jerome it is up Mingus MT. Lots of switch backs and steep roads, and cliff side driving). Crue has been getting car sick lately for some reason, Iknew that with Scott driving (NASCAR) I thought I would help him out and give him some dramamine for motion sickness before we left. Well he did great, but about 15 min away from the field he kept falling asleep and said "Mom, I am so tired, I can't stay awake" I didn't think anything about it, and just thought it was due to the late night before. Warming up for the game, Scott kept saying, "what is wrong with Crue" He acts like he doesn't even want to be out there. The game started and Crue acted like he had never played before, with no energy and walked, not ran around like he was so out of it. Scott was getting more and more frustrated (you know how Dad's can be when the boys aren't performing as they think they should) Finally it hit me, Dramamine makes you sleep and feel so tired. I told Scott that I had given him that med before we left. He couldn't believe I had done that. But at least that explained his no response behavior on the field. The rest of the game became pretty funny after that. Except for the fact that Grandma and Grandpa Taylor had come to watch him play that day, he was frustrated about that. Since then he does really well, plays great, and knows what he is doing, and I havn't given him any more dramamine!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update on Scotty

This is a picture of what an heart arhythmia looks like on an EKG

I know it's been a long time since I have posted on my blog, so I thought I would take a few minutes and just give a condensed update Scott and his heart condition.

A lot has happened with Scott's health since my last post. On Sept 10 we had to be at the hospital at 7:00am. We checked into the Cath Lab where they did the cardioversion. (This is where they put Scott out then Schock his heart and try to get it back into normal rhythm). After it was over the Dr. came out and got me in the waiting room, he told me they tried it 2 times and it didn't work. He really thinks Scott has had this problem for some time. The longer you are in Arythmia the harder it is to get you out of it. So he wanted us to schedule an appointment with an Electrophysiologist in Phoenix by the name of Dr. Tom Ross. He thought that he would probably do some studies on his heart then do a procedure called ablation, (not going to try to explain this one). I was really upset, and when I went in to be with Scott during his recovery, the first thing he said to me when he began to wake up was, "Natalie, it didn't work." He was very discouraged, and frustrated. Scott just took it easy the rest of the day, the next day his chest and ribs were pretty sore. During the procedure he must have bit down really hard, because he had a huge chunck taken out of his tongue. I think that hurt more than anything.

We ended up seeing the Dr in Phx the following Fri. This Dr asked us about Scott having Sleep Apnea, I have been telling Scott that he has had this for several years. He told us, which no one else had even asked us about it, that sleep apnea can cause arythmia and does a lot of damage to your heart. He wanted us to schedule a sleep study with a company in Phx. He increased his medication for the Arythmia, then said he would probably try to Cardiovert him again after we got the sleep apnea under control, probably in a few months. He also gave Scott the okay to get back to his normal activites, going to the gym, and working again. This made us both feel so much better. We know it is a huge blessing from our Father in Heaven, we walked out of Dr Ross' office, Scott turned to me and said all of the prayers in my behalf are working. We are waiting now for the Sleep Drs to call us to schedule the studies. We will keep everyone posted on that.

And thank you everyone for your love, concern, and prayers. It has helped tremendously to know we are thought of. We truly recognize the Lord's hand in our lives at this time, and know through faith and prayers things will work out and get better!