Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kids Awards

When we made the decision to buy a few acres in Cornville, (I know sounds a little hillbilly doesn't it) and build a house, this would mean moving my kids into a new school. All of our older children had attended Dr Daniel Bright Elementary in Cottonwood and we loved that school. Crue had gone there for kindergarten and first grade, so having to put them out in the Oak Creek School was a little scary for me. I had heard a lot of good things about this school, but still was a little reluctant to move them out of a school I knew and really liked. Crue started 2nd grade in Oak Creek last year, and Brynley was in the pre-school. They both really did well and loved it. This year Crue is in the 3rd grade, Brynley is in kindergarten and Kashley is in pre-school. They all 3 are doing great!! Needless to say all of my worries were for naught. The school had their quartley awards last week, Crue was awarded the math award for his class, and was on the Deans list, missing the principals list by only 2 points. Brynley was awarded the writing award for her class. They both are at the top of their classes (if it's okay to brag) and are awesome students. The school has turned out to be great for my kids, the classes are really small, only about 15 - 16 kids in each class and such a close knit student and teacher relationship. I have grown to be grateful we moved our kids to Oak Creek afterall!


The Sorensen Bunch said...

You can ABSOLUTELY BRAG about that!!! I LOVE how it all sounds...ecspecially the class sizes-that would be my deal maker right there!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

CONGRATS to your kids--sounds like they are doing awesome! I'm glad to hear such wonderful things about that school. My girls are excited to go there next year. Oh, and you think the name Cornville sounds hickish? I've never thought that---HAHAHAA! =)